In All Seriousness

by Damen Easton

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This is an electronic composition I synthesized entirely with Max/MSP. As with most of my instrumental work (but especially this one) I recommend it as a meditative listening experience. You might think of it as therapeutic. It needs to be listed to on speakers with plenty of bass. There's definitely a lot that will be silent with laptop speakers.

For those who are interested to know, the piece is an exploration of the overtone series. Except for the circle of fifths cycle at the beginning, and the filtered noise (windy sound) throughout the piece, all pitches are sine waves in the overtone series of the lowest pitch, which is frequency 33 (a slightly sharp version of the lowest C on the piano).

The title is a reference to "serious music", one term for concert/art/contemporary-classical music. I feel that accessing the precise tones of the overtone series, with the level of control provided by Max/MSP, has given me a chance to explore areas of expression that I consider very serious and fundamental. This is as far from frivolous entertainment as I can create, without being intentionally challenging just for the sake of challenge, which is never my goal. This is meant as a serious contemplation. Enjoy.


released August 14, 2016
Damen Easton -composition and synthesis



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Damen Easton Los Angeles, California

Damen Easton is a singer, composer, and pianist. His work takes influence from pop, rock, western classical, jazz, and the traditional music of cultures from around the world. Damen released his debut album, Tonic, in 2014, his String Quartet No. 1 in 2015, and his EP, Awaken Metropolis, in 2016. ... more

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